What to Expect At Monaco Grand Prix 2018


Stirling Moss, Juan Manuel Fangio, Graham Hill, Jackie Stewart, Niki Lauda, Gilles Villeneuve, Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher, Kimi Raikkonen, Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Sebastian Vettel; quite a long list of the crème de la crème of Formula One, but what else do these racing greats have in common?

Well, these are all past Monaco Grand Prix and to join this class, you have to be an impressive driver. In fact, the streets of Monte Carlo are credited as the best kiln for F1 drivers with most winners on these winding streets going on to win the championship.

As the 2017 season rages on with dram and thrill on and off the track, this is a good time to start looking ahead to the Monaco Grand Prix 2018 (Thursday 24th — Sunday 27th May 2018). With every coming year, a lot happens in Monaco. If you are an avid F1 fan or Monaco GP has a special place in your heart, it is time to take a look at some of the highlights that might shape next year’s race.

The Influence of Monaco’s Rich Heritage

Monaco Grand Prix

Since 1929, the streets of Monte Carlo have witnessed some of the most significant moments in the history of racing. These moments are important because F1 drivers have strived to keep up with these standards over the years, and in this endeavor, they have created impressive memories. Some of the defining moments that make Monaco Grand Prix 2018 a must-attend include:

1.     Spying and the first race: Well, many fans know that William Charles Frederick Grover-Williams won the first race but what they don’t know is that in fact, the driver was a British spy.

2.     A legend is born, 1984: The Monaco GP 1984 was supposed to be just another race but little did fans know they were to witness the birth of a legend. Alain Prost was expected to win comfortably after taking pole and in the grid was Senna, a rookie in the Toleman team. When it started raining as it is wont to do every year, multiple world champions lost control of their cars, but Senna surprisingly drove flawlessly. The Brazilian was up to second and Prost seeing his win going up protested about the weather and parked his car. Stewards agreed with him and stopped the race. Well, this was not to stop Senna from going on to become one of the best if not the greatest F1 drivers.

3.     2006 Schumacher’s parking incident: No ticket was given, but this became one of the most notorious moves the German has ever made after he successfully ruined his closest rival’s qualifying lap by parking his car at the tightest corners. Well, his fellow German, Nico Rosberg was to attempt years later during the fight with Lewis Hamilton in 2015. Could the Monaco 2018 GP witness another parking maneuver? You just have to be there to see.

4.     Murphy’s Law in 1988 and I am off to my house!: That he is the greatest F1 driver in F1’s history is not in doubt. So fast was he during qualifying and the race in 1988 on the Monte Carlo streets that his team directed him to slow down. Well, he lost focus and slammed into a wall; trust Senna to add spice to the lowest moment because he just climbed out the car and walked to his home, helmet and all.

5.     The race with no takers: Every driver’s dream in F1 is to win at Monaco, but in 1982, it seemed like no one really wanted to win. The first 74 laps went on smoothly but when the heavens opened, Alain Prost who was leading, spun handing the lead to Ricardo Patrese who also spun and handed the lead to Didier Pironi who ran out of fuel allowing Andreas de Cesaris to lead. Well, Andreas also ran out of fuel to give Derek Daly the lead only for his engine to fail. Eventually, Patrese retook the lead and finished, Phew!

Of course, there are many other incredible moments that have happened in Monaco including the amazing wins of Graham Hill, Senna’s battles with Mansell and Prost among others.

Lessons from Monaco Grand Prix 2017

With Monaco being rated so highly among the F1 tracks, could the experiences of 2017 point to what fans can expect in the Monaco Grand Prix 2018. Sebastian Vettel led a Ferrari 1-2 with Kimi, coming second during a weekend when various issues hampered Mercedes, their main challengers.

Top performers including Daniel Ricciardo, Valterri Bottas, Max Verstappenm Carlos Sainz Jr. are all expected to light up the track in 2018 and you just have to be there to witness more great moments.




Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2016


Yas-MarinaIf you have ever looked at the picturesque photos of Abu Dhabi, it is obvious that the urge to hop into the next plane and explore the charming city came to mind. The blue chiming waters and rolling sands call alluringly to every visitor. Indeed, once you visit, an irresistible urge to return gnaws at you.

Well, if you have been looking for a good excuse to steal away and visit this gem in the UAE, you have it in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2016. Whether you are a Formula One enthusiast or not, you agree that watching cars race is a thrilling affair especially when the background is a glamorous landscape blending historical sites with modern architecture.

Vacationing Around Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2016

When you organize a vacation during the last race of the F1 season in November, you will not only enjoy watching one of the most beautifully designed  track at , but also your family will have much more to do when not watching the cars.

The_Heritage_VillageThere is much to explore from the amazing Sheikh Zayend Grand Mosque, Heritage Village, Capital Gate Building, Desert blooms, and of course plenty of 5-star facilities. There is also art, culture and history to explore and nature to appreciate. There is a theme park and a water park on the facility for your family to kick back and relax in the sun. At the luxurious Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi Hotel, you will experience exquisite living and dining.

The Special Place of Yas Marina in F1

Away from sightseeing and back to the track, the innovative circuit was conceptualized by none other than the German Hermann Tilke. With a capacity to hold 50,000, it means everyone is accommodated and the design makes it more convenient to catch race action at the best stretches.

With 21 turns to endure and a 5.5 kilometer stretch of track, this is an ideal race for flat-out racing that drivers want. In 2014 and 2015, it has provided thrilling race moments between Rosberg and Hamilton and the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2016 is expected to spring even more surprises for spectators.

But there is another factor that makes this one of the most outstanding races in the F1 calendar. It was the first day-night race in F1 and as the action continues, you are able to watch the fantastic transition.  It is one of the most incredible moments of the F1 calendar and fans post the surreal, share the photos rapidly due to the amazing sight.

Versatile Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Packages

Whether you want to watch the race from the paddock or the grandstands, there are ticket options to suit every F1 enthusiast. You can also buy VIP packages and enjoy after parties such as the world renowned Amber Lounge Party, where celebrities Enrique Iglesias and Florence + the Machine grace the event.

You can also get a glimpse of your favorite drivers as they let off the steam after a rigorous race. The parties are the best way to wind up your exciting Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2016 weekend. So, what will next year’s race look like? Well, only time will tell but as Abu Dhabi GP never fails to thrill, we can expect another flat-out race probably one that will decide the 2016 F1 Champion, how cool would that be?


Programme For 2015 Monaco Grand Prix


Monaco StartIf you love Formula One action then you appreciate how crucial Monaco Grand Prix is to the F1 calendar. Not only do you get to view thrilling action on the most iconic F1 circuits, but there is also a lot of glamour to the city for you to sample. It is no wonder that Monaco is described as the jewel crown of F1 calendar.

Now that the 2015 season has started, why not take a look at this year’s program from May 21st to May 24th? Here are the highlights:

1.       Free Practice, Thursday 21st May

If you want to start enjoying a feel of race action early then you should buy a free practice ticket to assess your favorite driver. There is closure of track to road traffic from 6 am in the morning. However, it is not until 10 am that you will get to see F1 1st free practice and 2nd practice later in the evening.

2.       Explore Monaco on Friday 22nd May

Porsche Supercup 2013If you want to explore Monaco then Friday is the best day to do it. There is no F1 action though road traffic is still closed on the track for Porsche Supercup qualifying and GP2 first race. Of course there is a lot to do in Monaco from nature walks to super car drives out of town with friends. You will never have a boring minute in the city.

3.       Enjoy Qualifying Tension on  Saturday 23rd May

This is when real action will begin as drivers seek to hone their pace during 3rd practice from 11 am, before finally going for real action during qualifying from 2 pm. If you remember the drama between Schumacher and Alonso in 2006, or the tension between Hamilton and Rosberg last year then you appreciate why the tussle for pole position can be so thrilling.

A lot will be at stake here because pole position is critical on the tight track where overtaking chances are minimal. As Hamilton and Rosberg will most likely be dueling again, you cannot dare miss this action.

4.       The Game is On, Sunday 24th May

If there is a day in the Formula One season that every fan waits for with relish, it has to be Monaco GP Sunday. There are 78 laps of pure thrill and fun, and you can bet this year will provide another showdown between the maestros behind the wheels. Of course there are after parties which you can’t dare miss in order to mingle with your favorite drivers and unwind before heading home.

Now you know how to follow the action for the 2015 Monaco GP; just make sure you get there because this is where F1 champions are molded.


Intriguing issues: 10 interesting inquiries for the 2015 season


Nico_Rosberg_2010_Malaysia_race1. Can anyone depose Mercedes?
There were instances during last year when Mercedes seemed to be unassailable. However while there have been unfavorable mutterings of zones where the Silver Arrows can enhance further not long from now, history proposes that rehashing that level of predominance will be an amazingly tall assignment. So can Mercedes’ opponentsbeat what was unbeatable?

2. Will Sebastian Vettel’s entry revitalize Ferrari’s fortunes?
Obviously, some enormous changes have been made in the Ferrari;s team during the winter: executive Pat Fry and boss planner Nikolas Tombazis have both left, while Maurizio Arrivabene has been acquired as the head of the team instead of Marco Mattiaci.

3. Could McLaren and Honda revive the enchantment of old?
Being partners for five seasons during the late eighties and early nineties, the British group and Japanese motor maker won an remarkable 44 races and additionally four crowns as well as four constructors’ titles.
4. Is Daniel Ricciardo capable of leading Red Bull’s title charge?
His pace was never questionable, yet throughout the span of an exceptional last year’s season Daniel Ricciardo demonstrated that is capable of handling weight and flourishing in the hotness of fight – characteristics that are frequently signs of the sport’s most noteworthy drivers.

European F1 Grand Prix - Previews
5. Will Nico Hulkenberg score No 1 position?
The Nico’s capacity to reliably work close to the highest point of his and his auto’s potential cannot be in question- he was among top ten in 14 of the 19 races during last year–yet regardless of agreeably outscoring Force India buddy Sergio Perez throughout the span of last season, it was the Mexican who conveyed the group’s just platform complete (in Bahrain), and who excruciatingly approached other in Canada.

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Australian Grand Prix - Thursday - Melbourne, Australia
6. Will Williams at the end come back to winning ways?
The history demonstrates that Williams have won only one time in the previous decade. On the substance of it they have an exceedingly decent stage to change that measurement in this year, having made enormous strides both in the background and on the track a year ago – a movement that has proceeded over the winter.
7. Could Sauberreturn the position after hopeless last year’s battle?
The championship table from last year made for inauspicious perusing at Sauber, as they neglected to score a point without precedent for their glad 20-year history. The discontent has been trailed by a winter of progress, including annew drivers.

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Canadian Grand Prix - Race Day - Montreal, Canada
8. Will Mexico be as competitive a race as it was in the past?
In its past pretense Mexico City’s AutodromoHermanos Rodriguez was an overwhelming test for man and machine, offering, amongst different things, a famously rough surface and a fearsome last corner. That was Peraltada.

9. Is a change to Mercedes power what Lotus need to come back to winning ways?
Lotus didn’t such a great amount of fall as plunge from favor in 2014. From Grand Prix champs in ‘12 and 2013, they attempted to break out of Q1 on occasion a year ago; and having already conveyed the battle to any semblance of Red Bull and Ferrari, race triumphs – without taking into consideration a title challenge – were abruptly miles away.

10. Will Toro Rosso’s young bet pay off?
There’s no doubt: Toro Rosso’s choice to match Max Verstappen with Carlos SainzJr in their driver line-up speaks to one of the boldest moves in late F1 history.