Nico_Rosberg_2010_Malaysia_race1. Can anyone depose Mercedes?
There were instances during last year when Mercedes seemed to be unassailable. However while there have been unfavorable mutterings of zones where the Silver Arrows can enhance further not long from now, history proposes that rehashing that level of predominance will be an amazingly tall assignment. So can Mercedes’ opponentsbeat what was unbeatable?

2. Will Sebastian Vettel’s entry revitalize Ferrari’s fortunes?
Obviously, some enormous changes have been made in the Ferrari;s team during the winter: executive Pat Fry and boss planner Nikolas Tombazis have both left, while Maurizio Arrivabene has been acquired as the head of the team instead of Marco Mattiaci.

3. Could McLaren and Honda revive the enchantment of old?
Being partners for five seasons during the late eighties and early nineties, the British group and Japanese motor maker won an remarkable 44 races and additionally four crowns as well as four constructors’ titles.
4. Is Daniel Ricciardo capable of leading Red Bull’s title charge?
His pace was never questionable, yet throughout the span of an exceptional last year’s season Daniel Ricciardo demonstrated that is capable of handling weight and flourishing in the hotness of fight – characteristics that are frequently signs of the sport’s most noteworthy drivers.

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5. Will Nico Hulkenberg score No 1 position?
The Nico’s capacity to reliably work close to the highest point of his and his auto’s potential cannot be in question- he was among top ten in 14 of the 19 races during last year–yet regardless of agreeably outscoring Force India buddy Sergio Perez throughout the span of last season, it was the Mexican who conveyed the group’s just platform complete (in Bahrain), and who excruciatingly approached other in Canada.

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6. Will Williams at the end come back to winning ways?
The history demonstrates that Williams have won only one time in the previous decade. On the substance of it they have an exceedingly decent stage to change that measurement in this year, having made enormous strides both in the background and on the track a year ago – a movement that has proceeded over the winter.
7. Could Sauberreturn the position after hopeless last year’s battle?
The championship table from last year made for inauspicious perusing at Sauber, as they neglected to score a point without precedent for their glad 20-year history. The discontent has been trailed by a winter of progress, including annew drivers.

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8. Will Mexico be as competitive a race as it was in the past?
In its past pretense Mexico City’s AutodromoHermanos Rodriguez was an overwhelming test for man and machine, offering, amongst different things, a famously rough surface and a fearsome last corner. That was Peraltada.

9. Is a change to Mercedes power what Lotus need to come back to winning ways?
Lotus didn’t such a great amount of fall as plunge from favor in 2014. From Grand Prix champs in ‘12 and 2013, they attempted to break out of Q1 on occasion a year ago; and having already conveyed the battle to any semblance of Red Bull and Ferrari, race triumphs – without taking into consideration a title challenge – were abruptly miles away.

10. Will Toro Rosso’s young bet pay off?
There’s no doubt: Toro Rosso’s choice to match Max Verstappen with Carlos SainzJr in their driver line-up speaks to one of the boldest moves in late F1 history.