Yas-MarinaIf you have ever looked at the picturesque photos of Abu Dhabi, it is obvious that the urge to hop into the next plane and explore the charming city came to mind. The blue chiming waters and rolling sands call alluringly to every visitor. Indeed, once you visit, an irresistible urge to return gnaws at you.

Well, if you have been looking for a good excuse to steal away and visit this gem in the UAE, you have it in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2016. Whether you are a Formula One enthusiast or not, you agree that watching cars race is a thrilling affair especially when the background is a glamorous landscape blending historical sites with modern architecture.

Vacationing Around Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2016

When you organize a vacation during the last race of the F1 season in November, you will not only enjoy watching one of the most beautifully designed  track at , but also your family will have much more to do when not watching the cars.

The_Heritage_VillageThere is much to explore from the amazing Sheikh Zayend Grand Mosque, Heritage Village, Capital Gate Building, Desert blooms, and of course plenty of 5-star facilities. There is also art, culture and history to explore and nature to appreciate. There is a theme park and a water park on the facility for your family to kick back and relax in the sun. At the luxurious Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi Hotel, you will experience exquisite living and dining.

The Special Place of Yas Marina in F1

Away from sightseeing and back to the track, the innovative circuit was conceptualized by none other than the German Hermann Tilke. With a capacity to hold 50,000, it means everyone is accommodated and the design makes it more convenient to catch race action at the best stretches.

With 21 turns to endure and a 5.5 kilometer stretch of track, this is an ideal race for flat-out racing that drivers want. In 2014 and 2015, it has provided thrilling race moments between Rosberg and Hamilton and the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2016 is expected to spring even more surprises for spectators.

But there is another factor that makes this one of the most outstanding races in the F1 calendar. It was the first day-night race in F1 and as the action continues, you are able to watch the fantastic transition.  It is one of the most incredible moments of the F1 calendar and fans post the surreal, share the photos rapidly due to the amazing sight.

Versatile Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Packages

Whether you want to watch the race from the paddock or the grandstands, there are ticket options to suit every F1 enthusiast. You can also buy VIP packages and enjoy after parties such as the world renowned Amber Lounge Party, where celebrities Enrique Iglesias and Florence + the Machine grace the event.

You can also get a glimpse of your favorite drivers as they let off the steam after a rigorous race. The parties are the best way to wind up your exciting Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2016 weekend. So, what will next year’s race look like? Well, only time will tell but as Abu Dhabi GP never fails to thrill, we can expect another flat-out race probably one that will decide the 2016 F1 Champion, how cool would that be?